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Colony and Military Leaders are uniquely talented and powerful additions to your empire. Each leader provides several benefits, along with a unique ultimate ability that defines that leader.

LEADER AUCTIONS You acquire leaders for your empire by bidding on them when they become available. Leaders become available to all empires at the same time, so be prepared to bid hard for leaders that complement your strategy. When a leader becomes available, they will wait for four turns for someone to bid on them. When someone places a bid on the leader, the leader will wait at least two more turns to allow another player to step in and outbid the current bidder. This continues until no one places a new bid, at which time you will acquire the leader for your own.

LEADER LIMITS Each empire can have at most three leaders hired at any one time ( you can research Exopolitics to increase this limit to five leaders). This means that you may not want to hold onto a leader for the whole game. For example, if you hire a leader early game to help build up your empire, you may want to let that leader go mid game in order to hire a different leader.

RELOCATING COLONY LEADERS Colony leaders need to be assigned a specific planet in order to utilize their full potential. It takes five turns to move a colony leader to a new location. You cannot move leaders to or from planets which are blockaded or whose system has active combat.

RELOCATING MILITARY LEADERS Military leaders need to be assigned a specific ship in order to utilize their full potential. It takes five turns to move a military leader to a new ship; the ship must be orbiting a system for the leader to be assigned to it. You cannot move military leaders in or out of active combat.

LOSING LEADERS If your colony leader is on a planet which is lost, then the colony leader will leave your service and go back into the auction pool. If your military leader's ship is lost in combat, then that leader will leave your service and go back into the auction.

STALL If a military leader is attempting to relocate to a new ship, but the destination is in combat or traveling between star systems, then the leader's ETA will read as "STALL". Once the ship once against safely orbiting a star, the leader's ETA countdown will continue.

Leader Roster



Effective Combos

Tyrrhenius + Morph: Tyrhenius makes it so your fleets are invisible to your opponent when in transit, they only get to see it while its stopped at a planet. Morph allows you to redirect fleets while they're in transit. You can use Morphs ability to keep your fleet with Tyrrhenius from ever having to land at a planet, leaving your opponent effectively blind to what ships you have, how many, and where they are. They'll be able to see new ships you build until you join them with Tyrrhenius' fleet, but that can also be done without having to stop at a planet.

Magister X + Governor's Faye and Faun: Magister X allows you to see the configuration of enemy ships, as long as their fleet is visible to you. The Twins allow you to see all fleets on the galaxy map, regardless of location. With the two leaders combined, you know the exact location and configuration of every ship your opponent has.

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