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Update Log, v1.0.8
12-11-2011, 02:08 PM (This post was last modified: 01-08-2012 06:03 AM by rocco.)
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Update Log, v1.0.8

- Feature: Adjusted multiplayer turn order such that the last player in a round is the first player to take their turn in the next round, making asynchronous multiplayer up to 2x more efficient
- Feature: Tweaked racial attributes as describe in this forum thread
- Feature: Re-worked ship combat reinforcement ( see this forum thread )
- Feature: New scheme for multiplayer match description caption; example: FFA, 409.2: Player1, Player2, Player3, Player4
- Feature: Added the following rules to build focuses
1) If an Agent Training Camp already exists in your empire, build focuses will not build another
2) Focuses will not build Improved Colony Infrastructure until all building lots are taken
3) Focuses will not build Advanced City Planning until the colony is at maximum occupancy
4) Focuses will not build Planetary Gravity Generator unless needed by the planet (this was a bug introduced in v1.0.7)
- Feature: If you purchase a building on a planet which is building using a focus, it will now cause an interrupt in turn compression
- Feature: The "purchase building" button has been reworked. If you cannot afford to purchase the item, it will be red and if you tap on it a dialog will tell you how much more GC you need. If you can afford to build it, it will be green and tapping will let your purchase it. All other times the button will be hidden.
- Bug: Fixed bug with between-combat planetary assault opportunities
- Bug: Fixed bug where, on rare occasions, a ship can fly outside of valid battle area and get stuck in invalid space
- Bug: Able to build gravity generator on any planet, not just the ones that need it. Fixed.
- Bug: Command point summary screen did not reflect new command value points for ships as changed in v1.0.7. Fixed.
- Bug: Dark matter aliens are behaving differently in v1.0.7 than v1.0.6. Fixed.
- Bug: Fixed a bug where somehow empty system slots were being adding to weapon slots, causing a crash.
- Bug: When loading a saved game, sometimes the game would advance to the next turn on load. Fixed.
- Bug: Fixed a bug where the a MP game can get "stuck" on the decompression screen under a specific circumstance.
- Bug: Fixed a formatting bug for the sit rep report for empires which get defeated.
- Bug: Fixed bug in the multiplayer turn order swapping introduced in v1.0.8.b1
- Feature: Tapping on a system which is out of fuel cell range now shows a dialog explaining your selected fleet's fuel range, and the distance to the closest colony
- Feature: All new turn submission dialog for multi-player games
1) View the chat log prior to turn submission
2) Enter your chat message, cancel button allows you to back out of turn submission
3) Check box to toggle turn compression on or off for turn submission
4) A cancel button allows you to back out of turn submission, before actually committing the turn
- Typo: renamed the "turn compression" switch button to "Skip Idle Turns"
- Typo: corrected grammatical errors in various place
- Bug: fixed a layout issue in the racial attributes list, "Broad field experimentalists" was being cut off
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