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Update Log, v1.2.6
10-26-2014, 12:52 AM (This post was last modified: 09-23-2015 01:30 AM by rocco.)
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Update Log, v1.2.6
v1.2.6 has passed Apple review and is now live on the AppStore


- Bug: A crash was happening when your spies caused a military leader to quit an enemy empire. Fixed.
- Bug: Plasma turrets were missing correctly in the combat resolution, but visually they were still all hitting. Fixed.
- Bug: Planetary expansions were still unable to colonize through a (friendly) blockade. Fixed.


- Tweak: Charismatic races can now hire an additional leader (up to a max of 5).

- Bug: Select survival game, then select orion league, see erroneous warning dialog saying survival games require computer players. Fixed.
- Tweak: Damage graph now shows damage for "missiles" and "other" weapons separately.
- Tweak: The planet colonization window should always appear now; planets invalid for colonization will now be labelled as such.
- Tweak: Aux thrusters now work against plasma


- Tweak: ECM jammer effectiveness changed to (scales from 15% to 30% now, was 20% to 40%).
- Tweak: Proton torpedo damage changed to 35/35, 50/50, 70/70 ( was 30/30, 40/40, 54/54 ). In addition, Proton damage vs armor reduced to 60% (was 70%).

- Bug: Reinforced Bulkheads 2 was costing 0 production. Fixed.


- Bug: Still can't colonize planets through a friendly blockade. Fixed.
- Tweak: ECM jammer effectiveness reduced by half across all ship sizes (scales from 10% to 20% now, was 20% to 40%).
- Tweak: Proton torpedo damage changed to 40/40, 60/60, 80/80 ( was 30/30, 40/40, 54/54 ). In addition, Proton damage vs armor reduced to 60% (was 70%).
- Tweak: Nuclear Missile damage changed to 8/8, 14/14, 25/25 ( was 8/8, 12/12, 18/18 ).
- Tweak: There is now an end-of-turn alert dialog to let you know if you have any unused planetary expansions sitting around.


- Bug: "My SB's gauss started firing only after its primary target, the gauss BB, was in range." Fixed
- Bug: in-game chat notification is not working. Fixed.
- Bug: When you drop a colonist in empire view, colonists become farmers and not what they're supposed to be. Fixed.

- Tweak: Adjusted the descriptions of Efficient Factories, Robotic Factories, and Planetary Core Mining.


- Balance: Shared Intelligence point cost raised to 6 points (note that it's still using Anthee's formula (tan(x/125)*15-0.85) which has greater overall potential for SI in late game.

- Balance: Freethinking is now mutually exclusive with Persnickety and Shared Intel.
- Balance: Freethinking point cost has been lowered to 2 points (was 3 points)

- Balance: Persnickety point cost has been lowered to 4 points (was 5 points)
- Balance: Persnickety's morale penalty is now directly related to the classification of the planet they are living on; essentially, they get depressed living on barren/radiated/toxic worlds and get happy when living on terran/gaia worlds. The morale bonus values range from -5% to +5% (Toxic/Radiated -5%, Barren -4%, Desert/Tundra -2%, 0% Swamp, +1% Arid, +2% Ocean, +3% Terran, +5% Gaia)

- Balance: Repulsive races are now unable to achieve a contact rating of "Amazing" while using SCIFs.

- Bug: Using target multiple ships, in certain situations, could cause your ship to fire on another ship which was out of weapons range. Fixed.
- Bug: "Race Adjustment" label for food production was not showing decimal values; fixed.

- Feature: Starbase Orion is now a 64-bit app, as required by Apple.

- Tweak: Updated Shared Intel description to remove the bit about more population requires more food.
- Tweak: When you attempt to buy production at a blockaded planet, and you didn't have enough credits, it would give you the credit warning first, implying you could scrap to buy the product. Now it gives you the "You are unable to purchase production at a blockaided system" message first.

- Tweak: Nuclear missile bonus structural damage changed to 4%/7%/10% (was 2%/4%/8%)

- Tweak: removed the "kickstarter" badge and replaced it with something a little more... exciting


- Changes to SI: Shared Intelligence has been returned back to its "live" equivalence. In addition, the following changes were made:
* Changed the SI algorithm to tan(x/125)*15-0.85.
* SI racial point cost raised to 5 points

- Tweak: Persnickety point cost raised to 5 points
- Tweak: Freethinking point cost raised to 3 points
- Tweak: Highly Trained Smugglers point cost reduced to 2 points
- Tweak: Standard Vass race removed bonus to farming to compensate for change in racial points
- Tweak: Standard Draske race reduced farming trait to compensate for change in racial points

- Tweak: Interspecies Medical Network effectiveness reduced to 50% of its former glory.

- Tweak: Scale nukes bonus damage 2% / 4% / 8%

- Bug: Some embedded movies were not playing on iOS 8. Fixed.

- Bug: Sanctioned piracy stealing from tinkers is still capped at 100 RP. Fixed.

- Bug: It was possible to steal negative credits while spying; fixed.

- Bug: "My spies disrupted Davabled's research (for 707 RP) even though I don't have a single operative spying on him". Fixed.

- Bug: When doing civil spying against an empire without leaders, it made it more likely a starbase would get destroyed. Fixed.
- Tweak: Reduced the chances of destroying a starbase or forcing a leader to quit, in relation to other possible spying events.
- Tweak: Fve Bgeeep should now protect leaders stationed at planets within the system he is protecting from being influenced to leave by enemy spies.


- TRIAL: Shared Intelligence has been changed such that the population bonus is calculated from the amount of population you have devoted to the same task. For example, if you have 5 farmers and 10 scientists, the SI bonus to farmers is calculated off of 5 pop and the SI bonus to scientists is calculated off of 10 pop.

- Bug: players were unable to colonize planets in a system which was being blockaded by a friendly fleet. fixed.
- Bug: Nuke-only ships had no damage graph in combat. Fixed.
- Bug: Warp gates I decreases travel time by half; in cases of non-equal division, this calculation was rounded down ( for instance, a travel time a 3 turns became a travel time of 1 turn ). Now these instances are all rounded up ( so a travel time of 3 turns becomes 2 turns).
- Bug: Diplomatic overtues (ie pact requests, etc) do not show up on the turn immediately following them being sent, but show up the turn after that. Now they show up immediately.
- Bug: For quick speed games, the production cost of the entire ship was being multiplied by 0.75; however, for each individual item it was displaying them at cost * 0.75. This lead to errors when the sum of the whole * 0.75 differed from the sum of the parts * 0.75. Changed it so the new whole cost is the sum of the parts * 0.75 to remove this inaccuracy.
- Bug: Players should be able to scrap the hatchery, even if it is for 0 return (takes 4 CP). Fixed, you can now scrap for 0 credits like before.
- Bug: armored missile not limited one per ship. Fixed.

- Tweak: Adjusted type for "Dmg at Min/Max Range" to help fit it all on one line again.
- Tweak: Removed comma in sitrep message when a leader was recently dismissed.
- Tweak: Robust Techies reduced to 15% ( was 20 % )
- Tweak: The 100 research cap on Tinkers has been removed.
- Tweak: Nuclear missile damage vs armor reduced to 60% ( was 70% )


- Bug: If a turn takes longer than 5 seconds to submit, the turn "reloads" causing for a very confusing experience. This confusing experience should now happen at 30 seconds, instead of 5 seconds.
- Bug: When three fleets enter a system at the same time, and one of those fleets is overwhelmed, it can cause the other two fleets to orbit the system without combat. This exploit should be fixed now.
- Bug: At the end of combat, the code will keep non-combat ships alive if there is an existing ally in the combat. However, this fails in the case of a three-way match in which Player A is hostile to Player B and non-aggro with Player C, Player B and Player C are allied. If Player A destroys all of Player B, yet Player C is in the combat, the combat will end (Player A and Player C won't fight due to non-aggro), but Player B's troop ships will survive due to the alliance between Player B and Player C. Instead, the code should check if there are existing hostile players in the combat, and if there are destroy non-combat ships on combat end. Fixed.
- Bug: Persnickety was still gaining bonuses off of Shared Intelligence races. Fixed.
- Bug: In the case of a partial PDS hit (ie, as in the case with torpedos which need 2 PDS hits but only 1 PDS could strike it), the PDS visual in the combat playback would not play. Now, the PDS will visually show even in the cases where it does not have enough power to actually destroy the missile.

- Tweak: In tourney leader games, whether the leader is currently in service or not is displayed in the leader history screen. Now that information is displayed for other leader modes as well (if someone dismisses a permanent leader, that information should be public knowledge).

- Tweak: In certain circumstance, the turn can advance where your empire does not have a research item selected for research; in these rare instances, the RP you generate will now be split amongst all three categories of research, instead of being lost completely.

- Tweak: The bonus from Shared Intelligence is now broken out onto a separate line in the detailed description.

- Tweak: Admiral Kzzt fleet special no longer increases missile ordinance
- Tweak: Admiral Kzzt ship special changed to "Applies special armor to ship ordinances, making them more resilient to Point Defense Systems"

- Tweak: Nuclear Missile range reduced to 15 (same as torpedos)
- Tweak: Nuclear Missile damage reverted back to 8 // 12 // 18.
- Tweak: Fast Missile Launchers now increases the reloading speed of nukes and torps by one. Limit one per ship.
- Tweak: Stockpiled Ordinance has been deprecated
- New Technology: Armored Ordinance: Advances in light-weight armor shielding provides your missiles and torpedos with additional defenses, making them more resilient to Point Defense Systems. Limit one per ship.

- Tweak: Proton Torpedo damage reverted back to 30 // 40 // 54.

- Tweak: Orbital Labs I: A semi-automated orbital laboratory that increases research production by +1 RP per scientist or +20% total RP, whichever is higher.
- Tweak: Orbital Labs II: A semi-automated orbital laboratory that increases research production by +2 RP per scientist or +30% total RP, whichever is higher.

- Tweak: Orbital Weather Controller: Orbital satelites provide improved weather conditions, increasing production by +1 per farmer or +20% food, whichever is higher.
- Tweak: Orbital Weather Controller: Orbital satelites provide improved weather conditions, increasing production by +2 per farmer or +30% food, whichever is higher.

- Tweak: Shared Intel point cost raised to 4.

- Tweak: Leaders will now get huffy if you dismiss them early from your service; any leader you break contract with will now immediately become available for hire again, and they will not accept any bids from your empire.

- Tweak: Auxiliary Thrusters now scale in effectiveness based on the size of the ship, from 10% chance to evade for frigates to 5% chance for Mammoths.

- Tweak: Keep Max Range changed to keep a little bit closer than before.


- Bug: "Recommend changing the text in the sitrep for the colony leader leaving due to spy event from "causing him... his" to "causing the leader...their". Fixed.

- Tweak: Removed the food consumption penalty from Shared Intelligence.
- Tweak: Adjusted food racial bonuses to +1 1/2 and +3
- Tweak: Adjusted money racial bonuses to +3/4 and +1 1/2

***** TRIAL CHANGES *****
Note: The following changes are in mainly for testing purposes; we're still trying things out. Play them, test them, post your feedback on the forums!

- Trial: Removed the +industry building bonuses for Efficient Factories.

The purpose of the following changes are to attempt to put nukes and torpedos into a better place; something which allows more
synergies with other weapons and ships. In essence, to remove them from the "all or nothing" approach of a huge frigate nuke fleet.

For Nuclear Missiles, their ammo has been removed and they now fire once every three rounds. To compensate for being able to shoot more times then they previous could, their base damage has been reduced to 75% of their original value. In addition, their effectiveness against armor has been raised, and their bonus damage to structure has been raised to 10%.

- Trial: Nuclear Missile I-III damage has been changed to 6 / 9 / 14 ( was 8 / 12 / 18 )
- Trial: Nuclear Missile dmg modification vs armor raised to 70% (was 30%)
- Trial: Nuclear Missile now has a reload rate of 2 (was 0). This means it fires every three rounds.
- Trial: Nuclear Missile is now ammo-less
- Trial: Nuclear bonus structure damage increased to 10% ( was 5% )

For Proton Torpedoes, their ammo has been removed and they now fire once every three rounds. To compensate for being able to shoot more times then they previous could, their base damage has been reduced to 75% of their original value.

- Trial: Proton Torp I-III damage has been changed to 22 / 30 / 40 ( was 30 / 40 / 54 )
- Trial: Proton Torp dmg modification vs armor raised to 70% (was 30%)
- Trial: Proton Torp now has a reload rate of 2 (was 0)
- Trial: Proton Torp is now ammo-less

- Trial: Point Defense System range reduced to 4 (was 6)
- Trial: Point Defense System now has a stacking penalty cost of 2.
- Trial: Point Defense System production cost is half (25, was 50)

- Trial: ECM now has a scaling effectiveness based on ship size, from 40% on frigates to 20% on Mammoths.


- Tweak: Shared Intelligence now costs 3 points ( was 4 points )
- Tweak: Charismatic now provides one additional spy event at all levels.

- Tweak: If a ship it worth "0" production or "0" credits for scrapping, the buttons are now disabled.

- Tweak: With the other tweaks in this patch, larger ships are inherently more powerful than before. As such, being able to generate a larger number of CP-free monsters is comparatively stronger. These tweaks to focused to bring Gorzhons to a healthier place in this brave new era.
• The total number of Amoeba and Crystals Gorzhons could produce has been cut in half ( amoeba was atan( CP / 50 ) * 10, crystal was atan( CP / 50 ) * 10. amoeba is now atan( CP / 50 ) * 5, crystal is now atan( CP / 50 ) * 2.5 ).
• The hatchery will now be worth 0 production and 0 credits in terms of scrapping.

- Tweak: Colony chevron markers for the yellow empire are now more yellow.

- Bug: I completely broke max weapon range order in the last update where I tweaked it to handle the case where weapon ammo would run out and result in closing distance instead of keeping distance. Fixed.

- Bug: if you have security training, moving spies around on the spying screen does not update the credits display at the top. Fixed.
- Bug: Shield points does not update properly in the ship designer. Fixed.

- Bug: A server bug was corrupting historical game saved on the server since the last server update (approx March 31). Fixed.
- Bug: Some bad code in the turn processing could cause a turn to take WAAAAY longer than it was supposed to resolve. Fixed.
- Bug: The spying bonus for consecutive missed spying rolls were being applied to all empires equally, instead of being applied only to the empire you are spying against. Fixed.


- Bug: At time under heavy memory load, the server takes orders of magnitude longer to fork/exec processes. Switching to NuProcess from std Java ProcessBuilder to spawn tools to fix this.

- Feature: All stock races racial attributes have been adjusted to make them more viable against custom builds while maintaining their thematic correctness.

- Tweak: The glow of the diplomatic message in the diplomacy screen will now be the color of the empire you are in communication with.

- Tweak: The spy allocations table in the foreign screen now uses the same sorting algorithm as the diplomacy table in the diplomacy screen.

- Tweak: Single player games set to the "ORION LEAGUE" preset now show the game options browser before race selection.

- Tweak: Shield design costs were too high after the earlier change. Fixed.

- Bug: Issue where brilliant researchers hits, but doesn't result in an extra tech, the brilliant researchers percentage resets. Now the percentage will not reset on these "false hits".

- Bug: Re-entering a random race game would result in a different random race each time, allowing players to choose a race if they try hard enough. Fixed.


- Typo: "Galactic Navigators: space travel, not space traval."
- Typo: "Natural Tinkers: maximum bonus research, not maxium bonus research."

- Tweak: Added "Empire Population" number displayed in food summary

- Tweak: Adjusted nuke missile range to 22 ( was changed to 20 ). For future reference, a weapon range of 20 is a bad idea as that's exactly how distant the two fleets are, resulting in some strange scenarios for fleets with hold position.
- Tweak: Increased Plasma range to 17 (was 15).
- Tweak: Adjusted the "keep at max weapon distance" code.

- Bug: It was possible (although highly unlikely) that if you were *exactly* at max weapon range that your weapons would fire but do zero damage (and visibly be seen as a miss). Fixed.

- Bug: Crash when going to rename ship / specify saved game file name. Should be fixed, again.


- Feature: Added "Keep Max Weapon Distance" combat order.
- Tweak: Made pilots a little bit smarter about turning sooner when closing to ideal combat distance.

- Bug: Typo Elph reported in tech gifting failed screen. Fixed.

- Tweak: Draske are now "Poor Homeworld" to compensate for using too many racial points.

- Tweak: Prosperous Businessmen changed to +1 credit per colonist
- Tweak: Money Lenders changed to +2 credits per colonist

- Tweak: all colonists now produce at least a minimum of 1/2 unit of production (food / industry / research)

- Bug: Crash when going to rename a ship. Fixed.


Note: I am attempting ways to allow more counter-play against ballistics weapons which do not require significant coding effort. Hence, the following changes are a trial.
By decreasing both nuclear and torpedoes effectiveness against armor, it provides another early tech approach to countering nukes. Combined with the change to HA, it also means that larger ships will be more resilient to ballisitcs than smaller ships

By reducing the range of nuclear missile, it makes it slightly more difficult for them to hold position and fire all shots before the enemy fleet closed.
By making nuclear missile also slightly less effective against shields, it synergies with their unique bonus of not doing structure damage if shields are present.
- Tweak: Nuclear Missiles are no longer 100% effective against armor, structure, and shields. Now they are 30% / 100% / 80%
- Tweak: Nuclear Missile range decreased to 20 ( was 30 ).

By increasing torpodos damage to shields, it helps give them an additional purpose late game (outside of raw damage)
With the changes to weapon production costs, I felt that the early versions of torpedos needed a slight damage buff.
- Tweak: Proton Torpedos are no longer 100% effective against armor, structure, and shields. Now they are 30% / 100% / 150%
- Tweak: Proton Torpedos I damage increased to 30 / 30 (was 24 / 24)
- Tweak: Proton Torpedos II damage increased to 40 / 40 (was 36 / 36)

- Bug: There is a blue screen flash when going from game to multiplayer menu, iOS 8. Fixed.

- Tweak: Reverted the change to shared intel formula; it is back to - Tweak: Revert the change to sin(p/25.0f)*3.2f-0.5f.
- Tweak: Removed the "double-tap" to close keyboard.

- Tweak: Inadequate Farmers now provides a -1 food penalty.
- Tweak: Proficient Farmers now provides a +2 food bonus.
- Tweak: Plant Whisperers now provides a +4 food bonus.
- Tweak: Orbital Weather Controllers I and II now provide a percentage bonus of 10% / 20% respectively

- Tweak: Shared Intelligence population is now able to require less than 1 food per colonist on heavily SI penalized planets.


- Bug: farmers can produce negative food on planets which have food producing buildings. Fixed.


- Feature: New game preset "Orion League" which creates a game with random parameters similar to Orion League random games.

- Tweak: You now need to double-tap outside of the keyboard to close it.
- Tweak: Hiding the keyboard now causes the edit label to lose focus correctly.
- Tweak: You can no longer use a Planetary Expansion while the system is being blockaded
- Tweak: You can no longer use a Planetary Expansion while the system is under combat

- Bug: "When stealing tech, it reports stealing IPC3 but gives IPC2, due to changes in 1.2.4". Error in sitrep message, fixed.

Note: All changes below are subject to change. Especially if you are reading this prior to the start of the 1.2.6 beta test.

See below for weapon / systems "popularity" stats, as well as the ship sizes "popularity" stats.

Adjustments To All Ships Hull and Structure
The goal here is to continue to help make larger ships desirable, without making frigates obsolete. The goal of these changes is solidify the purpose of frigates as high damage dealers, but incredible squishy, ships. On the other side of the equation, we want Mammoths and Titan to be seen as incredibly tanky ships, even if they don't pack the same punch as a swarm of smaller ships. These changes, combined with the changes to Heavy Armor and Reinforced Bulkheads below, will provide a distinct separation in potential "tankiness" between the ship sizes.
- Tweak: Adjusted the base armor and structure of Frigates to 30 / 30 ( was 50 / 50 )
- Tweak: Adjusted the base armor and structure of Destroyers to 100 / 100 ( was 125 / 125 )
- Tweak: Adjusted the base armor and structure of Cruisers to 190 / 190 ( was 200 / 200 )
- Tweak: Adjusted the base armor and structure of Battleships to 350 / 350 ( was 300 / 300 )
- Tweak: Adjusted the base armor and structure of Titan to 750 / 750 ( was 550 / 550 )
- Tweak: Adjusted the base armor and structure of Mammoth to 1200 / 1200 ( was 750 / 750 )

Decreasing Production Costs on all Weapons/System
Weapon and system enhancement (ie Laser I -> Laser II -> Laser III) have decreased production costs as you incorporate the new technology. This represented the savings in cost which incurs naturally as you refine a technology (CPUs produced 10 years ago cost much more than CPUs built today). However, it has been argued that this progression encourages players to always grind towards researching the upgraded tech, vs using the earlier tech; in other words, there's no reason to use the earlier tech once the new tech has been secured.
- Tweak: All tech production cost is now "expensive" when you research the first level. If you research the next level of said tech, then the first level of the tech is reduced to cost 2/3 as much. Ditto when you research the third level. In addition, the base production cost of all system / weapon tech has been adjusted. Note that this value is determined prior to any reduction or increase in cost based on ship size.
• When you have Laser I, each Laser I costs 50 production.
• When you have Laser I and Laser II, the Laser I will cost 33 (50 * 0.66), and the Laser II will cost 50.
• When you have Laser I and Laser II and Laser III, the Laser I will cost 21 (33 * 0.66), and the Laser II will cost 33 (50 * 0.66), and Laser III will cost 50.

Increasing Production Cost of all Weapons/Systems on Larger Ships
At one point this was added to make smaller ships more desirable to build. I think this needs to remain, but I am adjusting the differences such that the production cost difference is less.
- Tweak: Cost adjustment per ship size for weapons and systems has been made less.

Heavy Armor Plating
To provide added incentive to build larger ships, Heavy Armor has lost much of it flat armor gain in deference to its scaling armor gain.
- Tweak: Heavy Armor I changed from adding + 15% + 50 points to adding 15% + 5 points
- Tweak: Heavy Armor II changed from adding + 25% + 75 points to adding 25% + 10 points

Reinforced Bulkheads
To provide added incentive to build larger ships, Reinforced Bulkheads has lost much of it flat structure gain in deference to its scaling structure gain.
- Tweak: Reinforced Bulkheads I changed from adding + 15% + 50 points to adding 15% + 5 points
- Tweak: Reinforced Bulkheads II changed from adding + 25% + 75 points to adding 25% + 10 points

Ion Pulse Cannon
Max range damage increased by 3x to give it a little more bite at range.
- Tweak: Ion Pulse Cannon I damage changed from 32 / 3 to 32 / 9
- Tweak: Ion Pulse Cannon II damage changed from 48 / 6 to 48 / 18
- Tweak: Ion Pulse Cannon III damage changed from 77 / 9 to 77 / 27


Low Gravity Affinity & Medium Homeworld (win rates: very low)
Usually only taken by the daring, moving these penalties to -3 each to make them more appealing.
- Tweak: Low Gravity Affinity and Medium Homeworld now cost -3 (was -2).

Money Traits (win rates: very low)
Previously, we pushed all leader spawns to later in the game; specifically, colony leaders on turn 405 and military leaders on turn 410. By and large, money is most useful for leader purchase and denial, thus with leaders not relevant unless the game goes long choosing a "money" race became less viable.
- Tweak: Colony leader will now be available starting turn 404; Military leaders available starting 406.

Galactic Navigators (win rates 60%-90%)
Last time, I changed Galactic Navigators to be less powerful as a late game trait in order to keep it a 1 point trait. I think Galactic Navigators is in a good place now mechanically, but it is still too good of a trait for players to pass up for 1 point, so we're going to bump it up to a 2 point trait.
- Tweak: Galactic Navigators racial cost changed to 2 points.

Natural Tinkers (win rates 32%-34%)
Tinkers can be exploited in team games by gifting non-tinker populations to a tinker empire.
- Tweak: Natural Tinker bonus now only applies if for empires who are Natural Tinkers, for populations which are also Natural Tinkers. Meaning, non-tinker populations working in tinker empires will no longer generate bonus research.

Shared Intelligence (win rates 34%-74%)
The choice between Shared Intel and Persnickety has always been a hefty sway in one direction or the other. Prior to v1.2.3, Persnickety reigned, and after 1.2.3 Shared Intel became the more favorable of the two. My goal with these tweaks are remove some of the side-benefits from SI, without ruining its core appeal.
- Tweak: bonus equation changed from sin(sharedIntelPopulation/25.0f)*3.2f-0.5f to sin((sharedIntelPopulation-5)/18.0f)*3.2f-0.5f. This means that the penalty for low population planets is more severe ( -1 for 1 pop planet, 0 for an 8 population planet as opposed to -0.4 at 1 pop and 0 for 4 population ).
- Tweak: The blending of the consciousness for Shared Intelligence races in high population is now more wearisome for these races, requiring them to consume more food when they live in dense populations. As such, each SI population now requires 1 + (SI Bonus * 0.5) food units per turn. Note that SI penalties do not apply to food consumption (you colonists will always need at least 1 unit of food).

Persnickety (win rates 14%-8%)
As explained in the Shared Intelligence changes, my belief is that Persnickety will become more popular are the changes to Shared Intelligence help focus it more on its core mechanics and make it less appealing in all instance. Therefor, I am leaving Persnickety as it is for now. However, a small tweak is needed to reduce exploitation in team games.
- Tweak: Persnickety bonuses now only applies if for empires who are Persnickety, for populations which are also Persnickety. Meaning, non-persnickety populations working in persnickety empires will no longer generate bonuses.

Inadequate Farmers (win rates 39%-98%)
Most players who choose Shared Intelligence also choose Inadequate Farmers since the SI bonus offsets the farming penalty and these become easy bonus points. The tweak to food consumption for Shared Intelligence will likely be all that's needed to make Inadequate Farmers a harder decision to make.

Huge Homeworld (win rates 63%-93%)
A huge homeworld is beneficial for everyone, hence why everyone is taking it. While that's not a bad thing, it should be seen as a harder choice than a no-brainer.
- Tweak: Huge Homeworld racial cost changed to 2 points.

Repulsive (win rates 75%-94%)
Repulsive was identified as a good pick in v1.2.3; at the time, the decision was to improve spying in order to help bring out Repulsive's "Achilles Heel" of being vulnerable to spies. This has the benefit of helping to bring builds which incorporate spying as a viable build path; I believe this is still the way to go, so let's keep improving spying.
- Tweak: Spying results are now weighted more evenly (prior you were less likely to destroy a starbase than cause system damage, for example).
- Tweak: Spying results can now happen multiple time per turn. This is more likely to occur the larger the advantage you have on your opponent ( players who build no defending Agents, beware!).
- Tweak: Removed the small random chance to get a spying result in an area other than you specified.
- Tweak: Added an spying percentage bonus which increases over turns where a spying event doesn't take place. Think of this as being similar to the Brilliant Researchers increasing bonus for spying.
- Tweak: Spy mission "Gather Info" has now been removed as a user specified mission, and is now a separate spy roll each turn in addition to your normal spy rolls. In other words, it's a freebie now.
- Tweak: Previously, it was possible to get a successful spying roll, but the random spy event was not applicable, resulting in the event being silently dropped. Now it is guaranteed that an event will occur when a successful spy roll happens.

Note: Only games from August 2014 and on were used in the sample set (v1.2.34, last big racial change, went live mid July 2014)
Note: I selected 18 players from the top brackets in the Orion league, and included all 1v1 games which included those players, as opposed to focusing solely on "league games"

Winning traits, 2v2 Allied Games, 294 games

Winning traits, All Games, 3166 games

Winning traits, 1v1 Games, 1559 games

Winning traits, 1v1 Games, select members of the Orion League, 59 games

Weapon "Popularity" among winning Empires

Determining a "win rate" for weapons is problematic to get correct. However, I did want to capture some stats for weapon usage among winners. So I settled on grabbing the number of ship weapons and systems of the winning empire's remaining fleet, which results in something of a "popularity of weapon / systems of winning empire fleets at end of game".

Weapon & System Popularity, All 1v1 Games, Winning Empire Fleets

Weapon & System Popularity, 1v1 Games Select Players in Orion League, Winning Empire Fleets

Ship Size "Popularity" among winning Empires

Determining a "win rate" for ship sizes suffers from the same issues trying to determine win rate for weapons. So for this I settled on similar algorithm to weapons/systems above, which results in something of a "popularity of ship size composition of winning empire fleets at end of game".

Ship Size Popularity, 1v1 Games Select Players in Orion League, Winning Empire Fleets

Ship Size Popularity, All 1v1 Games, Winning Empire Fleets

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