Video Update #1: Cloud AI

“Cloud AI”, an upcoming feature for Starbase Orion, allows single player turns to be processed on the cloud instead of by your mobile device. We’ve just begun exploring all of the advantages this will have, but one of the immediate advantages will be turn speed.

2 Responses to “Video Update #1: Cloud AI”

  • Steve says:

    Will that mean you will have to have an Internet connection to play? I bought this game to play off line, for example when I am traveling. I do not want to be forced to have an available Internet connection to play. If you do add this option, please make sure it can be turned off.

    • rocco says:

      Cloud AI will be completely optional (as seen in the video, you can turn it on and off). Furthermore, if you do have it one but lose connection partway through, then it automatically switches to process turns without Cloud AI.

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