Pressing “Turn”: Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013!

Starbase Orion: First Contact IconIt has been a fantastic first year for Starbase Orion! From its launch in October of 2011 till now, SO has been installed on over 65,000 iOS devices and SO players have logged over 2.5 million sessions. Those numbers are all the more impressive since it has never done “free for a day” to pad them. Our customer’s continue to love that firm stance on pricing; in an age where app prices fluctuate faster than a feline on catnip, SO’s pricing policy and continued refusal to do a “free for a day” or “99 cent weekend” sales has been a breath of fresh air (we have been asked to do a FAAD three times over the past year and have refused each time). You put your trust, confidence, and money in us and we are going to stick to our guns.

A core community of fantastic players have taken a first hand role in shaping the evolution of the game by joining the discussions on the forums. They have helped fuel over sixteen updates to the game, with each update packed with new features, balance changes, and continuous improvements. This trend will continue in 2013; so long as the players support it, SO will continue to grow and develop into a 4X game to rival any other.

So what’s coming in 2013? Over the past year there have been dozens of inquiries about Starbase Orion running on Android/PC. As a result of these, we are going to give it a shot! Next month we’ll hold a KickStarter campaign to raise funds to bring Starbase Orion to other platforms. While this will be no small endeavor, I have already been busy getting the foundation prepared to begin the port. This includes developing a cross-platform environment to build from one code base to all platforms, researching GameCenter replacements to improve the multiplayer experience, and more. I am particularly excited as these improvements would positively impact the iOS players with a more robust multiplayer experience with real-time chat, smart turn time-limits, player profiles, game roll backs, simultaneous turns, and true ELO rankings.

I am truly excited with the success of 2012, but I am even more excited about the prospects of 2013! With the support of the SO fans behind us, it is going to be one wild ride.

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